I started my Boston real estate career with a small boutique brokerage firm in the North End and even after being a licensed real estate agent in Boston for over 8 years now, I’m usually more excited than my clients to look at properties because for me it’s like opening a present. You never really know what you’ll get until you walk through those doors. Some homes have an intangible quality, a certain  je nes sais quoi , if you will, that can only be experienced by visiting it in person. That feeling you get that says this is home!


Robert has been working with me for the past five years. He helped me to purchase an apartment unit back then and has managed the unit’s rental business ever since. Robert has proven himself an excellent broker. He always follows through what he promises. He has been consistently delivering the  results I wanted to see. Recently I asked Robert to rent out another apartment unit which had been vacant for six months for a number of reasons. He was able to quickly jump starting the project by analyzing the market situation and coming up with practical strategies. Within two months, he had the unit rented with a descent rental contract. Robert is a warm and polite gentleman with shrewd business acumen. He is responsible, disciplined, and sincere, with a deep knowledge in realty market. I am very happy having him as my trusted broker, and would like to highly recommend him to any interested clients.” – Xiaotian

“I am living outside of U.S, I brought a nice condo in Dec 2016, Robert help a lot and provided very useful advises in my house hunting process, we see 20 properties in 1 week, he is very patient and very logic for client interest. I’d like to recommend him, he will definetly help.” – Jason